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[REVIEW] Klenspop - Bunny 3 color gray

Hello everyone! Today's review is for Klenspop!

Klenspop is an online store that sells Korean circle lenses and sunglasses. You can choose from a wide variety of circle lenses at the Klenspop online store. This store mostly sells Korean branded circle lenses such as NEW BIO, M.I Contact, EXY3 and G&G contact lenses. It ships them worldwide through standard mail.

They sended me Bunny 3 Color Gray to review! 
It's the new color lens that K-lenspop released a few weeks ago. 
Stock photo from

The shipping was pretty fast, they sent them from Korea on August 3rd & I received them here in Italy on the it was about 10 business days!
As you can see in the picture above the lenses package looks like this. This package contained the lens-package wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap, so they really take care of your lenses, making them safe and sure.

They were were in a ziploc bag and you'll also receive a free contact lens case and a mini plastic lens-twizzers. As you can see, my lenses are graduated, since I'm shortsighted, and they sent me the perfect prescription! I'm always worried about lenses power, but they were really kind and helpful!

 The brand is BUNNY, the diameter is 14.5mm, the graphic diameter is 13.3mm, the water content is 38% and the base curve is 8.6mm
This means they will enlarge the eye just the perfect bit to give you an amazing look! I can't wait to try them on :9

As you can see, they give my eye the cutest look, because the ring on the outer side makes them bigger! 
They're really really REALLY comfortable, like I forgot two times while taking photos that I was wearing them, and I tried to put back my glasses and then nop--- Because they are so thin you won't even know you're wearing them! And with my brown eyes, they don't make a big difference, but that's exactly perfect to go out wearing circle lenses without anyone noticing that and making questions.

 Here there are two selfies I took while photoshooting today (for a review you'll se in the next days! stay tuned!) and I wanted to let ya know that with filter they can change to blue ! I have no idea how they do that, but I think it's gorgeous!

That was it for today! Enjoyed this review? Leave a comment! Or please tell me anything to make it better!

Klenspop was the nicest and kindest shopping service I've ever work with, so buy their awesome lenses at awesome prices and look beautiful ( / v / )

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