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[REVIEW] Klenspop - Cara Violet

Hey cuties! It's been a lot of time, isn't it?
I've been definitely a while! But I'm here with my new review for Klenspop

I received Cara Violet I was so excited of opening them, I've been waiting a lot to try Cara! They come in different colours, and I've always liked the design (the little lines on the border) because they really make the eye more flawless and noticeable!

stock photo from 

Here there are all the info about these lenses! Violet might be my new favourite colour of lenses (just shortly after my Guren cosplay) and I believe these are one of the best! They'd be the cutest also on a lot of Harajuku's outfits or cute-looks!

The package came really fast, it only took a week and a half! It's always a pleasure receiving package so fastly! They were not damaged at all, came in the Klenspop usual box wrapped in bubbles and with the instruction leaflet.

Here's the actual content! The Cara Violet lenses, a plastic tweezer and the lenses case (which i want to talk more about later)

While opening the lenses I had some problems because the easy-on ouverture broke, and I had to first try with my nails, ending up breaking them, then with a scissor (don't do this at home it's really dangerous!) It's funny because it happened with both the two vials!

Anyway in the end I succeded in opening them so let's move on onto the review!

Here's the lenses in water! The colour looks just as the stock photo! I can't wait to try them on!

One thing I have to say, because it's the second time it happens to me with Klenspop (the first one with another pair of Violet lenses so it might be a curse haha), but I thought it was an ordinary mistake; now as it's the second time I want to share it with you guys. These lenses are graduated for me, and surely a lot of you folks out there need them graduated too.
That's not a problem with Klenspop, that sells a lot of lenses with different graduation.
The thing is that normally the coloured cap in the lenses' case is the RIGHT
In these lenses (you can surely see it if you open the photos) the pink one is the LEFT! I didn't notice at first, but I did when I had to use the lenses for cosplay's purposes and I couldn't remember if I've had put the right on the transparent one or if I've had thought of me doing it without care on the morning of the con and choseed the pink side instead.
I had to try them on and make sure the graduation was correct, but this made me laugh a lot (and spend ten good times thinking and rethinking)

So in the end: look twice where do you put your graduated lenses!

Finally I've tried them on! I've used them for a photoset for a mixed-media workshop in my city, where I modeled for the students!

Here are some photos they took:

And here's a glimpse of the backstage! I was frozing cold, it's November and we were outside because the lighting was better, but fortunately they were just portraits so I could've kept my jacket on me and off the camera!

It was nice having you for this review, see ya next!

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