mercoledì 29 luglio 2015

[REVIEW] Linsenfinder - Volturi

My review for Farbige Kontaktlinsen von Linsenfinder.deヽ(^◇^*)/

I bought "Volturi" Coloured Contact Lenses Red 
(( )) as you see I bought them from eBay but they have a website full of infos~ (( )) 

Stock photo from Linsenfinder

These Contact Lenses are a 14.5mm, red contact. The price includes the case, and they're annual

🌟EFFECT🌟 5/5
These lenses are really cool to look at, especially for creepy looks, like my Sebastian Cosplay~ 

Cosplayer: Eireenene / Photo: Andrea Frediani

Easy to wear and to take off, you won't even feel them

They took nearly one week to come to me, which is a good time, and since the shipping fees are free, it won't bother you at all

Cosplayer: Eireenene / Photo: ByZa

I have bought from Linsenfinder several times, and I will do it again, they are always ready to answer and they're contacts are awesome ~ (*´∇`*)

A special note to the fact that every lens will cover your real eye-colour no matter what! Even if you have really dark eyes, that will not be seen! ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ

Cosplayer: Eireenene / Photo: Giancarlo Bigolin

On this [REVIEW!]

Cosplayer: Eireenene  


Andrea Frediani PH
ByZa Fotografie -
Giancarlo Bigolin

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