martedì 28 luglio 2015



I promised I would have shown you the prize I won for "best interpretation cosplay" in Galliera! 

The sponsor was Mondi Nascosti Emoticon heart They sells all this cute fairies and elves, but also demons and angels and all that kind of stuff and I must say they are awesomely made! Like, all the details are so gorgeous ;____;
Go check out their page ~ 

The one I won is a cutiepatootie, I love the pose and the resemblance she has with the actual "non-cosplay" me !

It is called "NIGHTWING" and it's by Renee Biertempfel . I think the name suits her Emoticon kiki
If you want to buy it too, just go HERE

Here's the collage I've made to thank them on Facebook:

My beautiful fairy !

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