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[REVIEW] Shop Moon Jelly - Kawaii Mystery Bag

Hi honeys!
Halloween is nearly passed and I'm here with a special review!
This time will be for the Etsy shop Shop Moon Jelly

The shop have a lot of cute things

Here are some examples of things that you can find~
(all the picture comes from the Etsy shop)

Kawaii DIY Bracelet Kit

Kawaii Dinosaur Pencil Case

Cute Mini Alpaca Coin Purse

I've found this little shop full of cute stuff and I decided to give it a try by purchasing the Kawaii Mystery Bag.
Evie, the seller, was so kind and answered all the question that I did in a very short time! This also encouraged me to try her shop~ 

The package arrived in 10 days at my place, in perfect condition and with no problem with the custom inquisition - how lucky!

Evie was so gentle and added in the mystery box 2 more items!
I was so lucky: I really love Sailor Moon and I've got 3 stickers of it~

The Watermelon lollipop was really really good - I've loved it - while I'm still a bit afraid of the cow tongue japanese snack since I'm not really used to this kind of flavour.

I've also received a bow brooch that I'll probably use in my everyday life to decorate my outfit, a really cute strawberry ring and some little charms~ 

I've fallen in love with this ring~ I've tried this look and it came out pretty similar to Nana Komatsu from NANA. I would use it in cute and winterish outfits or in lolita inspired looks.

I would use the ribbon in seifuku ispired outfits - unfortunately now I don't have anything that could fit it in the way I want, but I'm pretty sure that it could be used in some cosplay ~

Well guys, go and take a look at Evie's shop ♥ you won't be disappointed~

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