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[REVIEW] ♡♡ September Favs ♡♡

Hi everyone! This month many things happened! I've moved to Trento due to college (classes had started on the 14th ugh) and I had a lot of time that I've spent going around the city.

I've bought a lot of stuff, if you are curious read more!


I'm not really sure if it was luckyness or not but I found a Limoni store (for those who don't know this group it's the biggest beauty shop group in Italy, they have almost everything - not cosplay make-up unfortunately but whatever). Actually I don't know how (I think it was a sort of black magic) but it ended with me going home with a new mascara!

I think that this is the greatest deal I've made in my life (till now): I've got the Miss Manga mascara + clutch for just 8,49€. Actually the price of the mascara can vary from shop to shop: for example on the l'Oréal on line shop it cost a lot more than the price I've got mine.
This promotion is available also for the Miss Punky mascara.

The difference between this two mascara is basically this: Miss Punky has a creamy texture that, for those who have a lot of eyelashes, may stick them together but for those who have thin eyelashes it could gave them some volume. On the other hand Miss Manga mascara is perfect for those that have a lot of eyelashes because the texture is less sticky and more liquid but it could not have effect for people with less hair.

Actually the clutch is so cute! I love these panda faces (!!!)

On the right the eyes with Miss Manga Mascara, on the left natural eyelashes
As you can see the result, after just one coat, is really appreciable and even if the color is super black, it's really light on the eyelashes and it came off very easily which could be a pro and a con: if you're looking for a long lasting mascara maybe it would be better to apply more layer of it.
WARNING, this mascara is not waterproof so pay a little bit of attention!


Since I love makeup (even if I sucks) I also went to a KIKO store in the city center and I've found this lipstick that is PERFECT for Princess Bubblegum makeup! 
The lipstick itself isn't anything special but the color was actually the one I thought it would better fit the characters.


Eireenene and I have some project with another version of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. This time I'll do Princess Bubblegum and so we've decided to exchange our waterbased makeup.
Since both the color (light gray and pale pink) are quite light, I had to apply more layer and to work with both a brush and a beauty sponge. 
It's a really good product and it's also really cheap! Everybody should to try it!

On the right indoor light (I don't know how but my camera has a strange exposure) and on the left outdoor light (sorry for my face)

Green lenses: Super Pinky Green from Honeycolor
Blue lenses (Princess Bubblegum): Super Pinky Blue from Honeycolor
(read the review of both of them!)

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